[Step 1]

Create Your Shipment - First, get an estimate before you ship. Then, go to the top menu and click on the "NEW SHIPMENT" button. Enter all of the required details and information for your shipment (where/to whom you are sending the package to).

Step 1

Scroll below to enter the receiver's address information (whom you're sending the package to). You can also enter the receiver's address information from the Address Book (saved in your account), so you don't have to re-enter the same information.

Step 2

[Step 2]

Fill Package Details - Scroll down further to fill in the package details (how many packages, weight, declared value).

Step 3

Select one of the following options; schedule a driver to pick up your package(s) or you can pre-paid and drop it off at your closest courier location.

Step 4

Select whether you want a signature for the package upon delivery or not (for assurance).

Step 5

After you've input all information, click on the GET PRICES button.

Step 6

[Step 3]

Choose Your Courier/Service - Once you have entered the required shipment information, you will have the option to select from available delivery options and courier. We don't ask any complex questions like the dimension of the box you're shipping, so it's that easy to create a label.

Step 7

Please note nightly cutoff time of 6pm. If the package is mailed after this add another day of the estimated arrival.

After you're done, click on the PAY FOR SHIPPING button.

Step 8

If you have chosen to schedule a pick-up, then you will be prompted to the SCHEDULE A PICK-UP screen.

Step 9

Input the pick up date along with the time (at least one hour duration) and pick-up location.

Step 10

[Step 4]

Pay for your shipping label, and you're done! Don't forget to keep track of your tracking pin number.

Step 11

Print Your Documents - Once you have completed paying for your shipping label, don't forget to print out your label. If you are shipping to the USA, don't forget to print out the custom documents or your package will not be accepted by customs (3 forms are required by UPS).

[Step 5]

Wait For Pick-up - If you selected the option for pick-up, then all you have to do is wait for it to be picked up by the courier of your choice on the date/location of your selection.